The GATEWAY is a Portal for Growth & Wellness with a very spiritual twist.
      We were made manifest in 2007 by our Founder/Director
      Tony Camacho (C.Ht., NLP Practitioner)
      six months after its conception. A fast
      gestation and birth process of heeding
      guidance that felt outside his own; testimony
      to Tony's capacity to surrender to fears involved
      in change, and his faith in a future he could
      not see.  This was an extreme career shift,
      one that is right on-point with his purpose
      and thus serves so many.
      The GATEWAY Portal was conceived to be
      and is: a community of friends, a collective
      of spirits to help foster and propogate
      consciousness by way of ever-evolving
      heart conscious modalities (see below)...

         ...committed to empowerment in part
         by living in and from
the heart, casting
         an expansive embrace that facilitates connection
         to one's inner power so as to help immerse one another in each
         own's precious heart,
knowing that the spirit, mind & body will follow.

          All dimensions of The GATEWAY Portal speak from and to the
          gnosis that within everyone is the knowing that each of us is in
          pursuit of our own magnificence and divinity, each here to be
          beacons, shining love, especially into the shadows, toward the
          illumination of the globe.

    Beyond it's purpose to the community at large, The GATEWAY Portal also offers:
     » 7 newly created, great energy, and furnished office spaces for Alternative 
        Practitioners to render their specialties from, which avails the option to rent 
        for one practitioner's use alone or on a rotating use basis between several 
        practitioners (i.e. besides being Founder/Director,one of the office spaces is
        home of Tony's Hypnotherapy and NLP Practice [bio])
     » a 900 square foot, creative, great energy Portal (book for your event): a workshop
space that supports up to 120 people (chair count varies) with a kitchenette 
and bathroom...  Available to book for any occasion (day(s), evening(s)
weekend(s)...) i.e: for meetings, classes, lectures, events, demos...

     Below is a partial list of what goes on within the walls of The GATEWAY Portal,
     any and all of which we excitedly invite you to partake of:

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