We look forward to you lighting
                          up the night and stepping into
                           Twilight Hiking bliss with us.

Hello delightful expression of the divine,

Thank you for finding us and sharing an interest in
increasing joy and gratitude by way of hiking.

Below are the details about this free year-round Friday
Night Twilight Hike so that you and anyone you wish to
bring or tell about, may come along.

Who & What:
We are the "Twilight Hikers", a hiking group that has
been around for over 3 decades.  Come rain or shine
(with exceptions); full, half or no moon, we hike.

We meet in the parking lot of Stoner Recreation Center

1835 Stoner Avenue  LA 90025 -:¦:- 
which is on the South side of the park facing Missouri.

We meet every Friday night at 6:45PM, then we carpool
to the nominted trailhead within the Santa Monica
Mountains.  The hikes are generally about 4.5 to 5 miles
and take a total of 2 hours.  We are usually back in the
parking lot of Stoner Rec Cener by 9:30PM.  To wrap it
up, some of us go out to eat at the pick of the majority.
It does get dark (sometimes from the start depending
on the season), therefore we pick trails "more lit" by the
glow of the city or the moon.  This is important to know
so that you are prepared for this ahead of time.  We do
not use flashlights, but some bring them in case (for
security).  The enjoyment of this group is in part from
letting our eyes adjust and enjoy nature in the evening
hours.  It makes for a fantastic Friday night.
We are personally there most every Friday =o)

Ah yes, and why.  Why?  In part because this is a venue
we each in our own way, have come to experience a sense
of heightened gratitude for the opportunity that life is.

                                   « Directions »
Stoner Recreation Center is a few blocks North of its
nearest big intersection of Bundy and Olympic.

     From I-10 W 
 Santa Monica Fwy
       (towards Santa Monica)

           » Exit #2C, Bundy Drive North
         » Take Bundy past Pico, past Olympic

         » Right at Missouri

         » A few streets later, on your left hand side
            is the parking lot of Stoner Recreation Center

      From I-10 E  •  Santa Monica Fwy
(towards Los Angeles (from PCH in Santa Monica area)

         » Exit #2A, Centinela Ave

         » Left at the end of offramp onto Pico

         » Left at Bundy, taking it past Olympic
» Right at Missouri
A few streets later, on your left hand side
            is the parking lot of Stoner Recreation Center

                                    « Map »
                   * Clicking here takes you to mapquest
                    * Type your address as starting place
        * Keep Stoner Rec Center's address as destination
                                       * Click Search

  < For quick reference, Stoner Rec Center's address is 1835 Stoner Ave - LA, CA 90025 >

with Love c/o
Tony + Heidi

A few website posts about the "Twilight Hikers":
LA Times

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