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“Two hours of healing Channeling Meditation with the Luminous Angelic Beings and Divine Mother Earth”

With Sibli, Angelic Channel Healer

Sunday, October 9, we start promptly at 5:00PM (please arrive 10 to 15 minutes earlier) at the “Gateway Portal”.

Suggested Love Donation: $30.00



Margo Soma, utilizing 24 years of yoga teaching, yoga therapy and Ayurveda training combines all of her expertise to bring therapeutic yoga workshops to the Gateway. This slow and gentle, yet deeply spinal and muscular releasing style of yoga will leave your body and mind in a state of bliss. Not like any other yoga you have experienced, using prop support and meticulous alignments with therapeutic adjustments allows release of stress and long held tensions throughout your body. Breathing exercises, guided full body relaxation awareness and meditation may also be included in this one hour introductory class.

Margo is a Certified E-RYT Yoga Teacher, C-IAYT Yoga Therapist, Embodyment Therapist, Meditation Teacher and Ayurveda trained


Sharada LaSpisa

Sharada LaSpisa

Sharada LaSpisa is a sound enthusiast and metaphysical alchemist. She has over 25 years of experience in the alternative healing arts and is a certified Cymatic Practitioner, Yoga Teacher and Master Energy Healer. Sharada is the founder of The Sound Code and The Sound In Recovery Program. She is also the Managing Director of The Gateway Portal. Her whole person approach allows for a shift in consciousness to happen one person at a time so that it can create a ripple effect throughout the planet.

Brian Birdwell

Brian Birdwell

Brian Birdwell is a Cymatic and frequency medicine practitioner for over 7 years. He is currently studying at the Yo San School of Traditional Chinese Medicine towards his Acupuncture license.
He is a certified Cymatic Practioner, Level 3 PULSE PEMF certified and administers the blissfully relaxing frequency based Facial Rejuvenation technique.

In this talk, Sharada & Brian will discuss how sound can help to break the cycle of emotional and physical pain.

Ribbon Cutting

Darius Garland

Darius Garland


Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience (ERBE) is a process that combines various elements to guide the participant to a deeper state of self awareness. Many people who experience ERBE say it is one of the most impactful or transformational experiences of their lives.

Darius will discuss the basics of Elemental Rhythm breathing along with the many benefits it can provide. He will also take us through a brief sample session.


Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly Meredith

Kimberly is a contemporary world-renowned medical intuitive medium, healer, speaker, and bestselling author of Awakening to the Fifth Dimension.

She has helped thousands of people and animals from around the world to improve from all manner of medical and emotional conditions by calling in the Divine and Christ Consciousness. Kimberly can also connect with those who have crossed over to bring messages to the living.

Currently, Kimberly hosts the #1 rated radio program, The Medical Intuitive Miracle Show heard on KCAA and iHeartRadio.

Kimberly is a popular 4-time recurring guest on the #1 rated nationwide overnight hit show Coast To Coast AM with George Noory. She’s also been a guest on KATU ABC TV Portland, Oregon, Wake Up With Marci – WLNY CBS TV, The Donna Drake Show – Syndicated, Carlos & Lisa Show – Beyond TV, The Aware Show, Melissa Billie Clark Show and more.

In this presentation Kimberly will talk about her process, her new book and demonstrate a medical intuitive reading.




In this interactive event Charles will lead the participants through some energy-enhancing Qi Gong exercises.

Charles is a Certified Qigong instructor, Certified Reflexology Therapist in practice over 20 years.
He is trained and skilled in a variety of International Reflexology methods as well as Pranic Energy

Healing and Shiatsu Acupressure.

He is also a Holistic Coach.

Anna Marie Pachini

Anna Marie Pachini


Anna is a Quantum energy healer, Hypnotherapist, published author, sound healer, holistic Health & Wellness coach. She travels the world giving talks on Consciousness, Quantum healing and Manifestation, focused on creating the New Earth Paradigm with self-help tools, natural supplements & earth medicines as well as futuristic healing technologies that benefit the individual and the planet.

In this brief lecture share you will get to dive deeper into the world of Quantum healing, to find answers about what is possible in the realms of achieving healing on a mind–body-spirit level, what miracles are, synchronicities, time travel, reincarnation and the infinite possibilities for manifesting our greatest life.

Dr. David Allan

Dr. David Allan


Bobblology is a fun way to improve your posture and the best exercise program for modern times. Today, most people beyond early childhood find their bodies stuck in limited positions and repetitive movements. Excessive sitting in our cars or at a desk, or hours on our smartphones leads to unwanted stress and wreaks havoc on our well-being.

Enter Bobblology and learn to ride the power of breath movement that will transform your anchored habits into a conscious, comfortable-balanced flow. Use Bobblology to awaken the child within. The child who innately understands that movement is our birthright and necessary to keep us comfortable and healthy. Incorporate Bobblology, have fun, and Carpe Diem all day, every day.
Dr. Allan is a globally recognized leader and an expert for 40 years in the field of chiropractic, posture-movement education, lifestyle, and nutrition. He is an internationally known author and educator and created an online school called the David Allan Wellness Academy.

His mission is to help you, and show you how to help yourself with his holistic treatment methods and wellness education. He will empower you to be your own healer, because that’s where healing takes place.

Sibli Sarah Jeane

Sibli Sarah Jeane


A Reconciliation with life is to see truth, hear truth, know truth, opening our Hearts to the Radiance of all that surrounds us. As we let go of all self-identification, we become transparent, we then discover who we are. The Luminous Angelic Beings are taking us on that path of Light where our true angelic essence is revealed and activated, in the infinite oneness of Creation. If you are looking for clarity, nurturing loving support, and deep healing, join us to experience the infinite Peace of the One Sacred Heart in you and all of Life.

Sibli will also be facilitating our FEATURED EVENT which can be joined via ZOOM or IN PERSON from 5:00 PM to 7 PM.
*See below for details.

Mikala Freitas

Mikala Freitas


Mikala Freitas resides in New York City and has spent over 30 years as a professional musical theater professional. She has performed on 6 of the 7 continents and has graced some great stages including the Metropolitan Opera House and Radio City Music Hall. While not performing, she did a deep dive into all things Wellness.  Starting with Therapeutic Massage.  Mikala became licensed and certified in 50 different modalities: everything from Alchemy and Aromatheraphy to Zen Shiatsu.  

She particularly loves working with color, light and sound and enjoys teaching others how to use ancient wisdom in a modern world. 

Mikala and Sharada are very good friends having bonded more than 25 years ago over healing and consciousness expanding practices.  Sharada will be accompany Mikala during this talk with some Crystal singing bowls. 




Napoleon grew up as the son of a diplomat, traveling the world, witnessing heartbreaking poverty first-hand, and learning to speak four languages in the process. From an early age, he developed a passion to help others.

In 2014, Napoleon was introduced to a 28-day gratitude process at a time when his life had fallen apart and he was considering the ultimate sacrifice.

Three weeks after starting the gratitude program, his life completely transformed. He successfully raised millions of dollars for his company against all odds. Since then he has shared his story with many, creating a global gratitude community of over 18,000 people in multiple languages, which he inspires daily.

He hosts a weekly in-person and via Zoom “Gratitude and Manifestation Mastermind”. He speaks at conferences, conducts workshops and is a mentor to many.
In this workshop, Napoleon, will walk you through the process of gratitude for the manifestation of your dreams.




Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has been discovered to be one of the key ingredients in success. In Michio Kaku’s NYT bestseller, “The Brain,” researchers found that EQ is the one of the keys to success –and NOT IQ, as it was previously and erroneously thought.

Gina, the embodiment coach as sometimes she is called, will teach us how to begin to see ourselves and the world around us with soul-centered eyes. What it means to live from the heart mind. How to get out of our head and into our body. Making choices from a place of love rather than fear. How to become the conscious creator of a life that is aligned with your soul’s mission and passion.

Gina Maron is a spiritual psychologist, with an emphasis on family communications and relationships. Gina earned her Bachelor of Arts degree from Harvard University and a Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology at The University of Santa Monica. In addition, Gina completed her certification in CHH (Conscious, Health, and Healing) at the University of Santa Monica.

She is also the author of “15 Steps to Emotional Intelligence” and the soon-to-arrive book “Home Frequency.” She is also the host of a popular podcast called “All About You.”




Sharyn Wynters is an author and naturopath with more than 30 years experience in health and wellness. Internationally recognized for the regenerative program she advocates, Sharyn leads a lifestyle based on raw, whole-food nutrition and a toxin-free living environment. She is the author of the highly regarded guide to toxins in the living environment known as The Pure Cure: A Complete Guide to Freeing Your Life from Dangerous Toxins. Sharyn is a popular motivational speaker and a regular columnist for the Beverly Hills Times Magazine. Fully committed to the empowerment of others, Sharyn is dedicated to being a healing influence. She is an advocate for raw food, for non-toxic living, and for saving Mother Earth.

Dr. Wynters will share some powerful anti-aging health tools you can harness specific to your unique DNA.




Samuel is a certified instructor of Harmony Tai Chi 18 step. He has been practicing since 2015 & teaching since 2019. He studied under Master Mao Shing Ni of the Ni family lineage. A lineage heir to 78 generations of Taoist tradition that promotes practices and philosophies for health, energy sensitivity and spiritual development.
Harmony Style Tai Chi is a graceful, practice that represents the four seasons and helps cultivate balance, peace and vitality.




Celebrity Psychic, author, archangel channel & wizard. Adam Harman Banning has hosted & co-hosted numerous radio programs in NYC and Los Angeles on the subjects of natural healing & Meditation. He has authored two books on human potential and mysticism, and has lectured on them throughout the world. In his private practice he combines both advanced intuition and quantum physics to help his clients regain presence, purpose and healing. Since the age of 7 Adam has been channeling a collective of 5 light beings that helped him rediscover, utilize and teach dozens of techniques to accelerate healing and expand the field of human consciousness. In his private practice he combines both advanced intuition and quantum physics to help his clients regain presence, purpose and healing.

In this talk, Adam will cover:

  • Who were the Druids and why were they so powerful and respected
  • 4 clues to your life’s purpose from a Druid perspective
  • The 3 initial tests to see if you are a candidate for Druid wizardry training

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Saturday, October 8th – 7 :00 – 11:00 PM


Art to Heart is a 3 hour guided workshop for authentic self-expression using different modalities:

  • Meditational Prompts for increased Self-Awareness
  • Abstract Painting with Sponges
  • Modern and Joyful Dance
  • (No previous art experience is necessary).

Art and movement instructors are there to support you through the journey towards increased Self-Awareness, Social Awareness and Emotional Intelligence (EQ). This art class teaches dialectical and cognitive behavioral activation techniques with color and easy joyful dance movement. You will be able to take the techniques you learned and apply them for future emotional management, exercise and cultivation of EQ skills.

Release emotions on canvas while learning about materials, shape, composition, and other elements of art. Use joy filled movement to further inspire your unique artistic expression. Admission is based on the canvas size you would like to take home. So please choose accordingly at check-out.

(No previous art experience is necessary). This is a live event. 

Admission based on canvas size:

Large canvas size 40″ x 60″ – $111

Medium canvas size 20″ x 24″ – $75

Small 11″ x 14″ – $33

Launch Party | Group ART | SATURDAY,  OCTOBER 8TH | 7:00 PM – 11:00 PM