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Access Your Higher-Self Naturally



The Gateway is a Portal for empowering health and expanding consciousness Naturally!. We offer an array of Services, Classes and Community Events that facilitates the process of self-discovery, transformational healing, and integration for sustained alignment with the Higher Self.

Our Whole Person approach allows for a shift in consciousness to happen one-person at a time so that it can create a ripple effect throughout the planet. 

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Our Services


Energy Medicine

Sound Healing
Chakra & Meridian Balancing
Energy Healing
Recovery Support
Crystal Light Bed

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Swedish Hot/Stone w/Cupping
Barefoot Shiatsu
Structural Integration

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Wellness Technology

Cymatic Therapy & PEMF
Pulse Ultra Recovery PEMF
Hyperbaric Oxygen
Crystal Light Bed
Foot Relief Scan Analysis

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Conversations with Tony Camacho about-
Life, Community, Paying it Forward and more…

Founder of the The Gateway – A Portal for Growth & Wellness

It is best to schedule your visit with us by calling or emailing so that we may best assist you.

(424) 273-5560

10401 Venice Blvd, Suite 202,
Los Angeles, CA 90034