Elementals Breathwork


Breath is life. Breathing is an unconscious action. Every breath is proof of life. When we bring consciousness to the unconscious action of breathing, the results are amazing. Breathwork releases the body’s stagnant energy, strengthens the immune system, relieves stress, and trauma. The experience of breathing in a group, guided by a practitioner is powerful and fulfilling. Join me May 14th at Gateway Portal for An Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience.

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience is a process that combines various elements to guide the participant to a deeper state of self awareness.

Many people who experience ERBE say it is one of the most impactful or transformational experiences of their lives. It is very safe (science has proven this time and time again) however it is not to be taken lightly! It’s best done on an empty stomach and in a comfortable position lying down so make sure to bring a yoga mat. Some extra things that can add to the experience is a small pillow, light blanket, journal and eye mask, however all you really need is yourself and an open mind.

The Experience starts with some simple movement and shaking, followed by rounds of Elemental Rhythm breathing, a guided meditation and a sharing circle (sharing always optional), we have refined this process over the last few years to quickly and effectively bring people into a state of profound bliss, enhanced mood, mental clarity, and reduced stress