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Click on any service to learn more and to book your session


Click on any service to learn more and to book your session

Sound and energy medicine clears, activates and balances the seven major chakras and meridians. Perfect for generating a feeling of well-being, clarity and calm. 

Move into deep meditation and a blissfully relaxed state in this personalized sound bath. Allow harmonizing sounds of crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, tuning forks, gongs and more to “ bathe” and soothe your body, mind and soul.

Restore your body’s optimal health and balance with a customized sound and vibration based program.

Alleviate many symptoms of physical and emotional stress, pain or inflammation with non-invasive technology. Book a consultation to see how we can best help you achieve your wellness goals naturally!

Reiki is a subtle yet effective energy promoting healing method based an Eastern concept that universal energy flows through our bodies. It has been proven to reduce stress, encourage relaxation and facilitate the body’s natural ability to heal.

Energy healing incorporates various modalities that activates the body’s subtle energy systems to remove blocks. Sessions can include hands on or distant healing systems, Breathwork, emotional freedom techniques, sound & vibration, cutting cords etc.

Alternative Recovery Support

Experience the sense of lightness and well-being that accompany the path of personal growth, transformation, and high-frequency living. Build resilience, shift perspective and embody principles for living in serenity with sound based alternative recovery support. Perfect for anyone struggling with negative thoughts, stuck emotional patterns, and or behaviors.

Elemental Rhythm Breathwork Experience (ERBE) is a process that combines various elements to guide the participant to a deeper state of self awareness. Many people who experience ERBE say it is one of the most impactful or transformational experiences of their lives.

The 5D Chakra Optimization Table (COT)  is an other worldly, zen-like experience that incorporates new age crystal light therapy with inter-galactic ascension frequencies to promote chakra optimization and a considerable shift into higher consciousness. 

Meditation Ease

This sound assisted meditation helps calm even the most restless of minds. Sound frequencies ease your brain into meditative Alpha and Theta meditative states while guided instruction helps you to practice mindfulness meditation skills. A regular meditation practice keeps us present centered and helps us to better handle daily stressors.


Click on any service to learn more and to book your session

Swedish Hot Stone w/ Cupping

“I got stoned at the Gateway” is what you might say after this unique international blend of therapeutic Swedish with Hot Stone massage and Cupping. Cupping has been used since ancient times for pain and injury relief.

Reflexology is the art, science and study of specific touch techniques applied to the feet, hands and ears to remove stress and congestion allowing the body’s energy to flow freely to promote natural healing. 

Structural Integration

Structural integration is a specialized form of deep-tissue massage that is utilized in other therapies like Rolfing and Hellerwork. This bodywork can really change your posture for the better. 

Barefoot Shiatsu

Barefoot Shiatsu Massage is when a practitioner uses their feet instead of their hands to apply deep, therapeutic pressure to the body. It is truly an experience not to be missed if you are a massage fan.


Click on any service to learn more and to book your session

Facial Rejuvenation

Our Facial Rejuvenation works with Cymatic anti-aging frequencies that enhance your body’s ability to relax worry lines, decrease inflammation & stimulate collagen. The session starts with receiving soothing frequencies at the feet while a Cymatic Practitioner gently massages the acupoints of the face. Includes ten minutes of Red Light Mask therapy during this delightfully relaxing, pain-free, non-invasive, non-medical procedure.


PEMF enhances the body’s natural recovery process by stimulating healthy cellular function throughout the body. Earth aligned frequencies recharge the cells and help to reduce pain and inflammation while enhancing circulation.

Cymatic & PEMF Combo

Receive the dual benefits of both Cymatic vibro-acoustic therapy and low intensity Pulsed Electro-Magnetic Field therapy. This gentle yet powerful duo work brilliantly together to help bring you back into a state of flow and cellular harmony.

Cymatic Therapy

Relax and renew as you receive harmonizing, health resonant Cymatic sound-based frequencies throughout your body.  Application is made via the reflexology points of the feet. Perfect complementary or alternative support for: 

stress, pain, inflammation, anti-aging and all the body systems. 

Hyperbaric Oxygen

Hyperbaric Oxygen increases oxygen flow to all the body to help improve circulation, strengthen immunity, speed up wound recovery, and to help with overall energy and longevity.   

SWEAT Infrared Sauna

Take detox, relaxation, and anti-aging to the next level with safe and effective far infrared sauna.  Heat is efficiently delivered deep within your core.  Relieves muscular pain, assists with weight loss, benefits brain health, the cardiovascular and  immune system, and more.  Fall in love with SWEAT.

Foot Relief

Reveal your unique functional footprint with The Gateway’s free Foot Scan service.  Educate yourself on simple changes you can make to find sustained foot relief.  

Easy De-Stress

Melt away symptoms of an overactive nervous system, stress and anxiety. This session combines Cymatic and grounding frequencies to help you quickly de-stress and unwind in just 30 minutes.

DNA Precision Nutrition

Imagine getting actionable insights based on your genetic strengths and weaknesses.  No more guessing as to what supplements your body needs to support optimal health. Science shows that there is more to our health than our genetics.  We can use precise nutrition tailored to our genetics  to mitigate any propensity towards disease. It all starts with a free consultation with our Licensed Naturopath and a privacy insured DNA test. 


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