Friday Night Breathwork, September 23rd @ 7 PM

In this class some of the most powerful components of different modalities are used to create an experience that can: foster a deeper connection with yourself, clear your mind, reduce stress, help to heal inner trauma, release emotions, expand awareness, increase intuition, This breathwork experience is designed to relax, ground, and connect with your inner self. Set to a relaxing instrumental playlist, the class begins with slow Flow Breathing followed by four rounds of the classic Elemental Rhythm Breathwork, (Earth, Water, Air Fire). The session closes with 20 minute guided meditation and prayer.

Breathwork takes place at The Gateway Portal located in the
Palms / Culver City area of Los Angeles. Full entry details are given upon registration.
If you prefer to RSVP and pay cash at the door call or text (424) 273-5560.
$22 Pre-pay or $33 at the door