Introduction to Sacred Geometry

Sacred Geometry is the underlying geometry in all of nature. It presents as fractals, shapes in nature, reoccurring patterns and ratios. Spirit Science describes it as “the geometry of consciousness.

Join Samuel Kiwasz on an aesthetically beautiful journey and learn how to use Sacred Geometry as a stepping stone into being with the “Oneness of Creation”.

When: Sunday, August 21st from 5:00 -7:00 PM>
-Cost: $20 Pre-Pay or $25 at the door>
Pre-Pay Here

Optional 7:00-8:00PM The Gateway will be placing a delivery order with neighboring Benny’s Tacos for a meal option directly after the presentation. So upon arrival be prepared to pay for your order either with cash or digital payment if you choose to partake. Or simply bring your own snack or meal- and join us in our dine-in room for further discussion, community building and a chance to explore Samuel’s sacred geometry pendant collection.

The GATEWAY / a Portal for Growth & Wellness
10401 Venice Blvd. Suite 202
Los Angeles, CA 90034

Free street or garage parking. Enter parking garage from alley behind Benny’s Tacos. Take elevator to 2nd floor. Our front door entrance is next to Benny’s. Enter code on door 12345. Proceed upstairs.


Thank you for honoring our No Food or Drink policy during the presentation in our main Sanctuary Space. You may bring in capped bottled water. We will allow for food and fellowship after the presentation in our dine-in room.

Also, in as much as we LOVE animals outside humans, no animals other than humans are permitted inside The GATEWAY. We do make the exception for seeing eye dogs for the legally blind. Thank you so much for your understanding and co-operation.