Cosmic Fire Satsang

Cosmic Fire Satsang
Looking for something to brighten your day?

Transform Yourself
with Satsang – You May Attend Live or via Zoom

Receive a powerful energy transmission from spiritual teacher Spanda, founder of Soul Based Living. Gather together to experience deeper reality, self-knowledge, inner peace, and true happiness.

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We are all Enlightened in our deeper Truth of Being. However, some come to realize and embody that Enlightenment and then begin to serve humanity. Satsang is a group gathering that synergistically enhances the energy of everyone present. This Satsang will include a Supreme Bright Light healing, guided meditation, Dharma talk, and question and answer time.

Benefits of Cosmic Fire Satsang:
1. Receive blessings in all areas of your life
2. Elevate your consciousness
3. Discover healing on a deep level
4. Experience peace, bliss, empowerment, and transcendence

Be ready to enter sacred space!

Spiritual teacher, Spanda had a moment of Self-realization as a four year old child. Everything became dazzlingly brighter. A voice said, “always remember this moment.”

During his entire childhood, he maintained a constant connection with spirit guides who advised him on many things.
He was constantly relaying psychic messages to people, to the consternation of his bewildered parents.
After he grew up, he practiced meditation for three hours per day for over six years. During this period, life became more multidimensional and transpersonal.

Later, people began to report miraculous healings, awakenings, and good fortune after receiving readings from him.
All of the sacred geometry and Soul Based Living principles that he currently teaches came to him in meditation and he began offering spiritual teachings, Supreme Bright Light and Satsangs.
Spanda currently travels internationally with his community members to share Soul Based Living across the world.

Sunday, October. 30th @ 4:00 pm Pacific Time
The Gateway Portal
10401 Venice Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90034
free garage parking. Enter garage from alley on Motor Ave just behind Benny’s Tacos. Take elevator to the 2nd floor. Street access door code is 12345 next to Benny’s restaurant.

Suggested contribution is $10 collected during the class whether you attend live or on Zoom. No one is turned away but we do ask for a sincere energy exchange to help keep our community classes running.