Healing Channeling Meditation With The Luminous Angels & Divine Mother Earth

The Angelic Luminous Beings are taking us on a journey
to clear our energy field and Chakras with the Luminous Light
also working in communion with Divine Mother Earth.

We are then raising our frequencies – the nervous system is calming
as our cells are being infused with healing Light –
our One Sacred Heart is activated and
we are ready to embody our Pure Being. That Light heals you!

Angelic Channel Healer,Sibli may also proceed with hands on healing
guided by the Luminous Angelic Beings and Masters. You may lie down during
the healing meditation – please bring what you need to be comfortable.

At the end, Sibli will also offer book signings
“Odyssey with the Angels: A reconciliation with Life”

Sibli Sarah Jeane is an Angelic Channel Healer, Author, and Artist.
Suggested Admission is $30. Sliding scale pricing available upon registration.

you may learn more about her at sibliartfromthelight.com