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Sharada LaSpisa Sound Healer, Reiki Master & Vibrational Life Coach

Sharada facilitates the cooperative effort between client, healer, and the divine so that wellness, personal transformation and growth can occur. She utilizes the power of sound, vibration and guided imagery for healing and expanding consciousness.

Her personal successes from using sound medicine started seven years ago when it helped bring her back to a state of harmony and health after undergoing a long period of regular biopsies prescribed to monitor pre-cancerous cells. Since then, she has used it to avoid surgery and to find sustained relief from a debilitating foot injury. Emotionally, it helped her access deep serenity despite the abrupt and traumatic, end of her 11-year marriage. It is because of these many miracles in her own healing journey that she wishes to share the gift of sound with others.

Many of her clients have tried various methods to address physical and emotional pain. They seek to minimize or avoid medication and are eager to find a NEW integrative approach that brings results. For this reason, sound healing is very beneficial for those in recovery who seek to avoid addictive medications.

Sound medicine offers non-invasive relief for many symptoms including chronic stress, inflammation, pain, anxiety, depression, high blood pressure, brain fog, fibromyalgia, insomnia, spiritual disconnection and more

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       • 3-In-1 Vibrant Health

>>  Relief for Physical Pain, Inflammation or Chronic Stress
       • Sound In Recovery Program

>>  Unroot emotional pain at the source to make way for clear intention, healthy and vibrant living.

>>  Relief for anxiety, depression, PTSD, lack of motivation and more…

>>  Vibrational life coaching
      • Personalized Sound Bath w/chakra balancing with Reiki
      • Tuning Fork Meridian Balancing with Reiki