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Charles Haywood CRT

Charles Haywood, CRT is a dedicated Certified Reflexology Technician in practice for 13 years. He has largely studied the “Flocco” method of Integrated Reflexology to the feet, hands and ears at the American Academy of Reflexology.

Integrated Reflexology to the Feet, Hands and Ears addresses the entire human body three times over via this refluxing touch technique administered over the skin of the feet, hands & ears (or just feet and hands if you prefer) “verging” their nerve endings.

Charles has also studied Ayurvedic, Brazilian and the Canadian toe mobilization technique. He combines these world class techniques with Acupressure Reflexology touch and has studied Shiatsu Acupressure Massage, Kinesiology and Pranic Energy Healing with Master Stephen Co.

Charles has been a Nutritional Counselor for more than 25 years and incorporates the Standard Process NRT method of nutritional analysis. He also balances the Chakras with the use of Pranic Energy techniques. Charles keeps his energy clear by practicing Hatha, Meditation, Kundalini and the 5 Tibetan Rights Yoga Techniques.

With a passion for health and wellness his goal is to help his patients relieve stress and achieve a healthier, happier lifestyle physically, mentally and spiritually. Charles is a member of: The Holistic Chamber of Commerce West LA Chamber of Commerce & The Foot Reflexology Awareness Association.