Awaken The Spark of God- Morning Meditation

Athens Dass has developed a sequence to awaken “The Spark of God” within.

Activating The Sacred Heart & The Sacred Mind

This technique forces the little mind (the ego) into the backseat of our consciousness – Allowing us to invite God into the “Driver’s Seat” of our Heart & Mind.

Additional meditation techniques shared:
– deleting “Ego Babble” with a simple inhale/exhale technique
– “Catch & Retrieve” easily files away those “A-Ha!” thoughts, ideas and reminders arising in meditation – to be recalled later when inspiration can be appropriately taken
– “Sacred Heart / Sacred Mind Breath – an easy 4-beat breathwork technique working with the 8th (Ascension) chakra located at the base of the skull.

Atheena developed “The Spark of God” sequence in 2021 and is being guided to gift it to The Gateway community for the month of August. The class is free of charge But Atheena ask that you please make an Energy Exchange Contribution of your choice to help keep the Gateway operating. High Vibrational Community portals are needed now more than ever for us to recharge in order to “lighten up” the world!

Meets Daily In August
on Zoom from 6:00 AM-6:15 AM
Meeting ID: 860 7811 3224
Passcode: 181961
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