Tony Camacho [bio], C.Ht., NLP
                    Practitioner is an a
                    Clinical Hypnotherapist and
                    Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic
                    Programming with a focus on
                    facilitating empowerment and
                    self-awareness to make life-
                    altering changes.

Tony's practice occupies office # II at
         The GATEWAY, helping people evolve
through a myriad of focuses i.e.:
         Relationship Enhancement, Fears and Phobias,
         Self-Defeating Behaviors, Sleep Disorders, Grief, Smoking, Weight Loss...

         Daily By Appointment:
         Free Consultation
         Session Rate = $125 per 1 Hour Session
         First Time Discount Offer is 2 Sessions for the Price of 1
         Discount Packages Available
         Sliding Scale for Struggling Veterans, the Unemployed and the Homeless

         To set up an appointment, he can be reached at 310 / 479 - 0430.

         If you happen to get the office machine due to him having stepped
out or being in session, please leave a message as he is deeply 
honored at the opportunity to meet you and looks forward to working
         with you where befitting.

         2511 S. Barrington Avenue, Suite 100
         West Los Angeles, CA 90064


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