Tony Camacho [bio], C.Ht., NLP
                    Practitioner is an accredited
                    Clinical Hypnotherapist and
                    Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic
                    Programming with a focus on
                    facilitating empowerment and
                    self-awareness to make life-
                    altering changes.

         Tony's practice occupies office No. II
         here at The GATEWAY daily, helping
evolve through myriad of focuses
         - Relationship Enhancement
         - Fears and Phobias
         - Smoking
         - Weight Loss
         - Self-Defeating Behaviors
         - Sleep Disorders
         - Grief...

         Available Daily by Appointment:
         Free Consultation
         Session Rate = $125 per 1 Hour Session
         Discount Packages Available
         Sliding Scale for Struggling Veterans,
         the Unemployed and the Homeless

         To set up a consult and/or appointment,
         Tony may be reached at 310 / 479 - 0430.

         If you happen to get the office machine due to him having stepped
 out or being in session, please leave a message as he is deeply 
 honored at the opportunity to meet you and looks forward to working
         with you.

         2511 S. Barrington Avenue, Suite 100
         (2nd Floor @ NW intersection with Gateway Blvd)
         West Los Angeles, CA 90064

        * Free Parking: In attached lot directly behind building first come first serve.

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